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Why does the smart refrigerator win the "China Patent Excellence Award"?

Why does the smart refrigerator win the "China Patent Excellence Award"?

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The China Patent Award was established by the State Intellectual Property Office in 1989. It has been selected for fifteenth. From the eleventh in 2009, the Chinese Patent Awards selection cycle will be changed from two years to one year. Participation in the selection of patent awards requires the recommendation of local IP offices, the recommendation of the State Council or the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences/the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Units or individuals involved in the selection also need to prepare declarations, project materials, and so on.

All in all, this is a professional in the profession. It is the authoritative evaluation of China's technological revolution and technological innovation. Different from pure academic awards, the award criteria of the China Patent Award not only emphasizes the patent technology level and innovation level of the project, but also pays attention to its application in the market transformation process, and also demands its protection status and management. Therefore, it is one of the most authoritative awards in academic and commercial applications in China.

This shows that it is a challenge to be able to win awards from thousands of patents each year. That means that the participation in the patent is not only to have academic innovation and uniqueness, but also to have corresponding advantages in the market transformation, follow-up protection and other links. Taking this year's (20th) China Patent Awards as an example, Midea's smart refrigerators can win the "food preservation management" and "food preservation methods" technology advantages. Not only academically, but also the recognition of the US patents for smart technology applications, it is because of the leading sales and consumer reputation, which proves that these professions are leading the market in terms of market transformation.

Having said that, how is the patented technology of the beautiful smart refrigerator?

It is well known that in daily life, refrigerators are mainly used for storing and preserving food. With the improvement of people's living standards, the pace of life of urban people is getting faster, but for many consumers, the daily life of refrigerators to store food, encounters many challenges: First, there are too many types of food, can not know the inside of the refrigerator What are the foods, the second time the food is stored for too long, it is impossible to know whether the food is out of date, the fresh food and the fast-deteriorating food are crowded together, and the frozen quality of the traditional refrigerator, the nutrient loss of the ingredients is too large, the taste is not good, come back from work. The cooking enthusiasm is ruined by the long thawing time, etc...

As the most common household appliances in life, the use of these refrigerators has been plagued by people for a long time, and it is also a problem that the refrigerator industry wants to solve. The development of intelligent technology has enabled these problems to be solved by the innate science and technology foundation. It is the patent of the Micro-Crystal Weekly Technology (Fridge Food Preservation Management Refrigerator and Refrigerator Food Preservation Management Method) that won the "China Patent Excellence Award". problem.

Visible fresh

The core technology of Midea's smart refrigerator - "micro-crystal fresh", equipped with stereo radar temperature measurement, combined with anti-freezing law, intelligent cooling and "independent micro-cabin, wave-shaped three-dimensional air supply, top wind return air "The core technology has achieved the ideal effect of "salty not frozen, fresh meat ready to eat", "long-lasting fresh-keeping, no loss of nutrition", "original taste, taste as initial". Say goodbye to the history of traditional refrigerators wrapped in thick ice cubes, 168 hours of ice-free preservation, so that fresh ingredients can be seen, the taste is as original.

Manage fresh life

In response to the doubts and pains of the students during the food preservation period, there are multiple functional modules in the food preservation refrigerator created by Midea Refrigerator.

Food preservation time database, coordinated operation of food remaining retention time database, display device and multiple functional modules

According to the length of the remaining fresh-keeping time, the food will be displayed on the refrigerator in a classified and divided manner for your health.

Intelligent preservation warning

The refrigerator food preservation management method established by Midea Refrigerator can automatically identify the IP address of the area where the refrigerator is located, and automatically update the original shelf life of the food in the refrigerator according to the environmental conditions and seasonal changes in different regions.

At the same time, through the various forms of visualization such as brightness, background color, signal light, Wifi SMS, etc., the food intelligent preservation warning is carried out, and the dynamic management of the refrigerator on food, before, during and after the event is truly achieved. Let the refrigerator become a big housekeeper of food preservation

Leading patents drive industrial upgrading

The patented technology of Midea Refrigerator has obvious technical advantages in food classification management, classification and preservation, visualization, and early warning of food preservation time. It not only reduces the harm caused by people's food expired, but also creates a great impetus for the development of smart home appliances in the industry, leading the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, driving the upgrading of product chains and entering a new era of intelligent preservation.

With patents and innovative technologies as the core, the future of the US smart refrigerator can not only completely solve the interference of pesticide residues and bacteria, but also make fruits and vegetables ripen, ferment rice wine, degrease whole milk, and even convert grapes into original Brewed wines, every day want to enjoy the automatic heating of bread and milk, so that nutrition and health accompany each ingredient to serve every family member.